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Shocking News

The ROCKHOUSE Gig was cancelled due to Ricardo Dias.

The main songwritter and original member left HEAVENWOOD this week after a frindly meeting with the woodboys.
Seems he will be " quiet " for some time regading a new Solo or alternative Project.

Other Gigs were cancelled also such as Frindly gigi in Paradise Garage and Hardclub for the TSUNAMI VICTIMS ..

Ricardo would like to wish all the best for his ex - woodmates and thanks all of you for just care about Heavenwood path.

Your Humble

Taken from: www.heavenwood.blogspot.com
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A review in Portuguese from Heavenwood last gig @ Hard Club With Moonspell here: www.darknessanthem.net/article.php?story=20041222215541810
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Last Gig

Heavenwood played two new songs last gig on 18 December @ Hard Club. The new songs were: The Shadows and Remind Me.
Check Rick words @ www.heavenwood.blogspot.com
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Heavenwood New Songs @ Oporto Gig

Dear Sirs.. :)

Well we decided to show you a bit or kind off a Preview of what´s gonna happen in December 18th with Moonspell.

Here is our official SetList..we had to choose only one song from DIVA due to ROGER our new BassPlayer and Timming also.
We will play 2 new songs from the hipotetic new Album we are looking forward.
Diogo Vieira our VJ will try his best once we will show for the First Time in HardClub our Multimedia Show.


The " Erased " songs you must discover them live in the momment..Life is better when someone surprises you no ?

From the WoodLand!
Ricardo Dias

Source: www.heavenwood.blogspot.com
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Heavenwood Gig!!!!

HEAVENWOOD as support band for MOONSPELL in HARD CLUB at December 18th

HEAVENWOOD are confirmed as support / Guest Band for the MOONSPELL special show in Oporto in HARD CLUB.
December 18th will be a special night for all!

Roger is the new official HEAVENWOOD Bass Man. The new woodboy have booked for this gig his first Wood Test!
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Heavenwood Are Back!!!!!!

Hi There,
After a few years off record Heavenwood are back on track!
Heavenwood recently broke their relation with Massacre Records and are right at this moment looking for a new label to sponsor de new Heavenwood record.
They are looking for a bass player also.
You should check their new website also and use the board on it.
Feel free to join the community!
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